Eureka Street Photography: Blog en-us (C) Eureka Street Photography (Eureka Street Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Eureka Street Photography: Blog 120 63 Tony and Antonia's Engagement Session Just this past weekend we had the pleasure of working with Tony and Antonia on their engagement photos!
Through some pre-shoot discussions and some deliberating on locations, we all decided our best location for shooting was in the north side of Pittsburgh. Antonia did an amazing job picking out wardrobe for Tony and Herself! The colors and classic look couldn't have been better!

We all met at a local coffee shop in the Mexican War Streets. This was the ideal place to start our photo adventure as the beautiful historic neighborhood offers a vast array of great backgrounds to work with!

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We eventually made our way into Allegheny Commons Park in the North Side. The large pond in the park with its bridge overtop was the ideal spot for beautiful compositions. 

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The park also offered a beautiful backdrop for some classic portraits
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Lastly, We made our way down to the Andy Warhol Bridge. The results are classic Pittsburgh. 

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We thoroughly enjoyed shooting these portraits of two wonderful people. We are greatly looking forward to working with them again at their Wedding!


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Jon and Brittanys Engagement Back in late June we were contacted by Jon who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Brittany.
Through some discussion and prep work, we came up with a plan to have this moment captured without giving away any of the surprise!
Jon provided us with a time line and a map of his planned walking route into Point State Park in Pittsburgh, PA. 
He also went as far as checking out the location first and letting us know where it was best to hide out!
Jon and Brittany first went to dinner and right before they left, Jon wisely "went to the restroom" and gave us a call to let me know he was on his way!
Doing my best to remain hidden, I casually hung out by a tree in the park, remaining mindful of which direction they would be walking from. 
A few minutes after the phone call, I saw them approaching the proposal spot, a nice area in the park with the fountain in the background of the photos!
Jon and Brittany casually walked up to the spot, I prepped myself and kept my fingers crossed Brittany wouldn't notice the guy with the rather large camera and lens creeping the shadows. Jon dropped to one knee, and it all went off without a hitch! 

She said yes! 

Following the big moment and after a few happy tears and showings of affection. Jon made my presence known. I talked to the couple and congratulated them. We then set off on a small adventure around the park and the city to capture some portraits and engagement shots.

We started out by taking some portraits right at the park fountain!
It rained every day that week, except the day of the proposal! We had a wonderful day to make photos!
With the proposal happening at 7pm, The light around 7:45 was ideal for me to lay on the ground to frame the sun between the couple!

The sun reflecting off the PNC building's glass facade created a a great lighting scenario for some downtown photos, the city bus coming by in the background added to the mood and really worked out nicely!

We braved traffic for the quintessential Pittsburgh couple photo on the Roberto Clemente Bridge! (It took a few tries)


This shoot was super fun, the element of surprise and the joy they both had in the moment really shined through in the photography. Congratulations again to Jon and Brittany and cheers to the future and the many many years to come!



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