Eureka Street Photography is a Pittsburgh based Wedding and Engagement photography team. With the combined experience of over 20+ years, we pride ourselves on creating timeless images that are guaranteed to suite your individual needs.



The Owners:

Jared Marsh

Aside from having extensive experience with wedding and engagement photography. Jared is also experienced on the commercial side of things. Working as a studio photographer with companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Rue21, Jared is able to incorporate his fashion work into your wedding day with posing and lighting. As well as being a photographer, Jared is also an avid traveler (lover of all things Iceland) and adventurer, as well as being part of the United States Air National Guard.


Adam Stephenson

As well as having a background in commercial photography both on location and in studio, Adam also has extensive experience in wedding and engagement photography. His commercial clients include Eat N Park, Garrison Hughes, the Boilermakers, Apraxia Kids, Broadridge Financial Solutions, and many more. An accomplished musician, Adam has played various instruments for local bands throughout his life. Adam is also a husband and father and enjoys spending his time with his family.